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Enjoy Port House® at home, from our kitchen to yours our crab cakes are sure to impress you and your guests! Available at select retailers in Northern Chesapeake region. 

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We care deeply about the quality and freshness of our Maryland style Crab Cakes. Send the flavor of the Chesapeake available to be shipped nationwide.

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We start with well trained, caring staff, high quality ingredients, and unwaivering attention to detail.

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Did you know that we take our lumps seriously?

Members of the swimming crab group of crabs (Family Portunidae of crustaceans), such as Maryland’s blue crab are considered to be the ideal choice for crab cakes. In these animals,[…]

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Best Wine Pairings for Port House® Crab Cakes

Looking for the best type of wine for your Port House® crab cakes? Let’s start by learning a little about crab cakes! Crab cakes, one of Maryland’s culinary claims to[…]

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How is Port House Grill changing?

If your reading this and have been a past guest of ours, thank you! If you are new to Port House, welcome! Port House is currently moving though a series[…]

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