Can I place an order over the phone?

Due to varying shipping costs and other factors, orders cannot be placed via phone and must be placed online. 

When will my crab cakes ship?

Depending on destination we ship crab cakes overnight, 2nd day air, or UPS ground. We ship every Monday for Tuesday-Thursday delivery. Please note that the day you select is the week we ship - not the day that you should expect to receive. You will receive a confirmation when your order is processed and packaged as well as an estimated shipping time. 

How are the crab cakes packaged?

All crab cakes are packed in individual containers, kept cool with a combination of ice packs and dry ice, and are shipped in an insulated container. Our packaging has been designed and tested to keep your crab cakes cold for up to three days under normal shipping conditions. 

Are your crab cakes shipped fresh or frozen?
Our crab cakes frozen giving you the best quality crab cake when it arrives. Place crab cakes immediately in the freezer for longer term storage or thaw in the refrigerator prior to cooking! Remember crab cakes are delicate and have a short shelf even in a refrigerator. 

Are Maryland Crab Cakes gluten free?
Most Maryland Crab Cakes are made with breadcrumbs, however Port House® Grill Crab Cakes are made with none at all! They are 100% Gluten Free as well as no eggs or mayonnaise.